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May. 8th, 2007

Very Much Obsession

Oh boy people! Young feminest Copy has become addicted to... Pleasuring <3 ... I know, My entries are just going to get weirder and weirder from now on =D Let me just tell you, Not to fear me. One activity doesnt change me overall...Or does it? O_O"

Anyway, That Sunday night, I howled like a lone wolf - I was alone! ... It continued, and seemed to worsen yesterday. The group absent due to exams, I howled and scribbled my feelings in a letter to Andrew. He seemed curious - Even Jacquelyne got concerned.

Travis came over that afternoon - Despite his mothers clear wishes to want him not to. He had to disapear for a bit though. After an hour or so, We got down to buisness ;) ...And thats all we really did XD Whispering together, Clearly closer than ever before. He made it clear to only do it if I wanted to. Heheh, Having control over a male is funny though ^_^"

Today was Adams birthday (And mines tommorrow). It was an amazing day! I feared it due to three presentations. C.A.F.S was simple as it was group stuff. I was with two populars. It was fun! And Society And Culture was soo easy. Ms helped me a lot, And Travis and Rachel (And Adam at one point) Gave me plenty of encouragement as they wandered outside (Still had exams).

Religion... That was tough. Lunch was fun - Andrew and I pretended to be emo XD I learnt more about Keegan. Its sad... But yeah, It was fun ^_^ Travis came over breifly ;) Yeah, We continued. What can I say? I'm addicted, As addicted as he! Dont ask me why though. I'm shocked too! Oh, Believe me. I'll post tommorrow =D

May. 6th, 2007

Fear Broken (Who Am I?)

... Journal... I dont know what to say... Saturday... Happened differently... Differently to how anyone could ever predict my life...This int going to be easy to type...

Saturday began, With the disapointingness of unable to travel to Parramatta due to lack of funds. I was greatly bitter. Travis came at 12, And worked so hard at cheering me up. He succeeded after 10 minutes.

The past four days, Weve laid together to make out... And, I did something neither of us expected... No, Not sex. I touched... His... Yeah. In... Many ways... over the course of the afternoon and night he was here. We almost got caught at one point... Aha...

Yeah, Family came, Nan... And yeah, I got money, Gary got me a Moogle soft toy - Cute! So it was either chatting, Sleeping or... Yeah. I also seeked guidence from Gaia and my net buddies. No one finds it weird... But I do... I... Feel alone...

Today seemed short. To the pub, We all played pull and ate chips (Zoey, Mum and I verse Dad and Gary). We then took Gary to the airport. Ever since then Ive kept to myself, Wandering around like a ghost.

Travis' mum is giving us a lift to school. Ive planned to ask him over. I feel wrong... But I cant help it... Journal... I liked it...T_T

May. 4th, 2007

Zillions Of Dollars!!

May has begun, And so far, The themes been all about the 'Moola', The 'Doe'. Yuppers! With my bday being around the corner, One has to think hard on what to get. Haha! Ok, Ive known for ages ^_^"

So Sunday, Movie day, Was just Jess, Jacquelyne, Both Rachels, Adam, Travis, Lee and I. Usual presedure of a visit to Franklins, Watching the movie and then lunch. Travis and I went to Rachels, Then had dinner at mine.

Monday was funny. It was Jacquelynes birthday, And I repeatidly went on about Andrew not ever coming with the group anywhere. He got pissed XD But yeah, Classes were alright, Cant really remember much 'sept Drama we began play building, and began constructing charactars (fun!). Travis called as I was walking home, Then came down on his bike and took me home.

I cant remember Tuesday at all. Except night, Travis coming over and us trying to do his assignment on two shitty computers. We had to restart mine completely again. We went to nans that night as she'd returned. I was sad and scared; It felt like the curse was back.

As a result Travis and I fought all of Wednesday. I managed to finally get him to understand the issue (he came over). Things seemed fine - Infact, Better! But Thursday crushed me; We fought again. I ended up crying in sadness and he stayed with me, Despite his bus being called. We hung near the demountables, but got caught. My Handle helped us out though; We owe him...

He came over breifly and we made up completely, Both upset about what was happening to us. I realise now I'll have to continue to keep the curse at bay. Things seem fine though now =)

Anyway, Today the gang had an excursion to some farm. Recess was short and lunch was funny. Like the last few days, Classes have been dull. We got Gary from the airport last night, So tonight was finally Lonestar night!!

It was fun XD Travis and I hung in my room when he came (funnyness but we were great), then to Lonestar! Spider drinks, and ribs! And also steak for me =D We pretended it was Gary's 21st XD Big dessert thing. Mum ate that, Travis, Zoey and I got this cake and ice cream thing.

Tonight was great... But my fun weekend off isnt over yet! I must get that phone, My games... Yes... =)

Apr. 28th, 2007

Open Your Eyes And See

Hi journal! Its the year 2010. Much has changed. I have pink hair with yellow going through. Many people love this creative combination =) ... I'm kidding XD ...But has been a while. I cant remember whats been happening, lol! ... Ok, I can. This weeks been full very much!

I awoke late Monday due to staying up packing Sunday. Monday was great. I didnt have to worry about the Jess thing, I had fun with Adam and Andrew and the rest at school even if Travis wasnt there. He called me that afternoon and said he wanted to come over!! His dad gave us a lift to mine, It was awesome!!

Tuesday was pretty much a regualar Tuesday. I was in day dream land most of the lessons. I barely acknowledged Maths existence - I fell asleep XD ... I was crushed to hear that mums promise of Lonestar wasnt to be, She learnt of Gary's coming next weekend. Travis tried to cheer me up.

So, Wednesday, The day off, After the cousens (mums brothers kids) left from a short visit, I went to Travis' bitterly. I cheered up a lot though. We watched Sponge Bob, Made muffins and seeing as we were alone, Mum got us KFC! We had dinner at mines, And I played my newly downloaded Sega Mega Drive Emulator. We played Toe Jam and Earl, And have been doing the L's test alot.

Thursday came and danced away. Drama was theory, But alright. In English I'd been put in Mr Mitchells class (he was the teacher I always yelled Jesus Christ to) but changed back to Ms Millers again, where Jacquelyne was. I walked home that day, I texted Travis, As we have been doing a lot recently.

Friday was interesting. My promise of working hard failed XD It was an unusual day, No Andrew. Travis got upset in the morning. He had a banage on his arm and I gave him an odd look. He thought I was mad. But that afternoon, we were good. Debating night was great. I was chairs person and with some year 7 kid. Travis and I made up completely that night.

Today Ive worked on homework and improving my puppies. Ive been cheered up a lt by Travis too. Hayden and Aus are facing conflict. I must go to bed though. I may update tommorrow - About the groups movie day ;)

Apr. 22nd, 2007

X-Ray My Soul

Emotions have been running high of late! Well, I should firstly state that... Um... Aheheh, My awkward feelings disapeared - Like magic! I slept in a bit on Friday... Whoops. Travis kept calling. The car trip to the airport left me to reflect my feelings... A lot.

I continued to daydream as Travis appeared (20 minute delay) and as he said goodbye to his friends. The car trip to his we talked and crap, Steph calling at one point. It was fun though... And if I thought sitting infront of the TV was fun... Dinner at King Henrys Court, ROCKED!!! ... Travis and I went there for our 1 year annervesery, But I cant remember it being that good.

Anyways, Travis and I provided the entertainment that night. We tried to get Morghan and Shaun drunk, Had a tickling match (nearly knocking drinks everywhere) and I guarded Travis' dessert when he disapeared. I had Thai Chicken for starters, Chicken with Muchroom Sause as the main course, Ansd what they called Jamacan Mud Cake for dessert. It was an awesome night ^_^

Saturday Travis came over breifly. I feared and avoided a proper goodbye. I cheered up as dad, Zoey and I went to Domain and Dick Smiths and stuff. Zoey and I caused minimal mayhem. It was fun though =D

Travis came over and we watched TV, Then went to the plaza. We returned home and I had a go at the L's test. We then went for a walk, And returned for more practise... And hugs and crap ^_^" ... But yeah, He road home. Then mum and dad started fighting... I got scared...

But, You know... I took this time to reflect. Ive decided now (after a weird dream) that Jess and I dont have to be enemies... Or bestfriends! ... No, There IS an inbetween after all! ... I'm going to work hard on maintaining peace for once. Peace, For I'm the leader of this group, The teller of my story =3

Apr. 19th, 2007

Queen Copy

Ahahaha! I swear, I aint boasting. Everyone 'round here (mainly my friends) treats me like a princess, Due to my bossiness. However, I need to learn how to be a queen! ...And by that, I mean independent. This is what this entry is about. The tale of my days without Travis.

Sunday night, The Thomson family went out to feed Marylyn, Poppy Kevs snake. Last time she didnt eat, But did this time. We then got McDonalds. I was very deep in thought though. I got muddled up in my soul when Travis' promised messege never came. I felt a strange surge of power though.

Monday Steph called a lot. I fought with mum and still semmed in deep thought about Travis. I was calm though... Which was weird. Tuesday though, He called me. I felt strangely cheerful after, But got upset, For I was pulled back into his control.

Wednesday was a day at the plaza with Adam. We wandered about discussing Jess and Steph, And other group related topics. I walked to and from the plaza. Todays been pretty simple. I woke up super late XD Theme Parks addicting. Travis' parents are taking me to the airport to see Travis, And its going out to dinner night =3 My holidays are nearly over... And after tommorrow, After I soothe my curiousity... Well, This princess, Shall finally become a queen =D

Apr. 15th, 2007

Your Story Shall Be

Long time no see. Little old me has been facing much confusion. The rest of Monday - The Thomson family travelled to the plaza. Later that day Travis called and I listened to how work went, Then I suffered pain when he was unsure whether he'd come Tuesday. According to the Horoscopes, It didnt look good.

...But he came! I was in a terrible condition. I was still in bed when he turned up, And fell asleep in the living room. I didnt consider doing anything he suggested. Then when he had to go, I begged him not to. Stress tore him apart, The selfish side of me tore us both apart. He stayed, But I felt guilty.

Wednesday was movie day. Just Travis, Rachel, Shane and then Adam called up to say he could go. We saw Mr Beans Holiday. It was funny! We ran about and everyone but Shane got a lift with me, And Travis stayed over a bit.

Thursday was a trip to Parramatta! Travis ended up coming. We wandered about and I drooled at all the video games. We met mum and Zoey at Sivi's for some lunch. I tricked them into thinking I'd gotten a Vegetable wrap XD I ended up getting Theme Park for DS. I played it when we got home and Travis had gone for work.

Soon it was Friday. Mum and Zoey went to the plaza, And as it was clothes shopping, I stayed home. Steph called a lot, And Travis said they were going to get me at 5 - I was staying over. I didnt have lunch till 4, When mum and Zoey finally returned. Travis got me and I watched Morghan (Travis' sister Sue's boyfriend) play Final Fantasy 12. Then after some Stir Fry, Travis packed and I played Nintedogs while watching Tv. We talked, Then we went out with his mum so he could get stuff. We watched Saw the rest of the night till we got yelled at to go to bed (11).

I barely slept (I was in his bro's old room). By 4.30 we left the house, By 6 we got to the airport. I met his few friends, And by 8, I left with his parents. I thanked them and settled at home. Travis got a new phone which I really want (Andrews got it too) so I showed dad and Zoey when we went out.

Today Ive just been playing Theme Park. Ive been in much deep thought. Wondering away. What is to become of me... I kind of feel now I'm back to square one. This Jess thing is dwelling on me much. Not to mention the homework I really gotta do... Meh! Tommorrow will do. Am I supposed to be happy? With all I ever wanted, It comes with a price...

Apr. 9th, 2007

Easter - The Eating Season

Aheheh, Yes... I missed my update... I was gonna Easter, But I was busy X3 Saturday was pretty much quiet. Travis called and said a custumer was being bitchy. I just did the Gaia event - And zoey wrapped up our Easter presents. I also looked after my puppies, Breifly though.

I awoke early Easter morn, And scanned the place. Eggs were scattered about, And there were two unique-to-eachother piles. My bunny was a cute looking brown bunny, Zoeys was pink with a carrot. Both were big - And cute. I had a big Kinder Surprise egg, A cadbury bunny and a box of 6 Kinder Surprises.

I went back to bed, And heard someone get up. I felt sick after 20 minutes of trying to sleep, And got up. The person caught me - Dad! Mum then got up, And Zoey too. Joel called, Then we did our egg hunt! It was fun. We counted the eggs, And I took my first bite of chocolate. Its amazing how not having something for so long can make it taste like magic XP I also discovered my toy bunny is chocolate scented!

Anyway, Travis called right on que. He asked whether I wanted to go to Leura with his nan and mum. Why not? He came and gave mum, dad and Zoey their stuff, While I was loaded with cards, eggs and a $10 note from his parents and his nan. I then gave him his stuff. He seemed happy with it (And named the bunny Victoria, lol). I got a few little eggs, Medium sized eggs, A chocette egg set thingy, Then he made me close my eyes and when I opened them, I gasped.

It was a heart shaped box, Complete with ribbon. I opened it and discovered a hundred eggs within, All set up beautifly in the shape of a heart. He'd used different colours to create a pattern. It was awesome! Not to mention he'd written a lot in my card ^_^

We stayed home breifly, Then I miserably got ready. We headed to his nans. To Leura! I breifly took care of Clarens, Milk S and Flash (puppies) then fell asleep. We wondered around Leura, Me miserable. I missed my friends. This wasnt the way I wanted to spend my Easter!

I enjoyed the breif picnic though. I cheered up slightly, And fell asleep in the care, Asking him through my phone whether he wanted to stay for tea. He did =) We spent most of the time in my room, Talking to Adam, Exploring Gaia and such. I'll admit I was a little slack by not leaving my room, But oh well. I'll make it upto him Tuesday...

...Yeah, His coming Tuesday. I suggested he have today to rest after all the excitement, Lol. I'm completely rested after all the pain my bones suffered from running to school... But yeah, Travis and I had fun messing with Adam, And being together. My next update wont be for a while, But it will come =)

Apr. 7th, 2007

Unpredictable Boy

Gweeee!! So yeah, Like Thursday night, Hayden, Triz, Aus, Rosey and Nina were online, So I invite them all into a convo. We all talked for hours, Though Hayden did leave (angry at Rosey for something ages ago O_o) Aus and Triz ended up disapearing two hours into the convo, And I went with dad and Zoey to K-Mart, South Lands and later KFC. It was a fun night X3

Upon waking up Friday, I pprepared myself rather simply. The phone rang - Travis. "When did you want me to come?" he asked. "Whenever you can" I said. "Ok, See you in 5". Woah... He did come quite soon. We watched Tv for ages, While I looked after my puppies. He fell asleep for a bit, Aheheh... I did too, Waiting to go to KFC for some lunch.

After that we headed to my room, I went on Gaia and talked to Triz. We later discovered accessing Lee's account for the ultimate hacking session, Was impossible! Someone had tried the password and secret question too much O_O

So anyway, Rosey eventually signed on. We had fun messing around with her, And just as I wondered whether I should persue the mission - Travis beat me too it O_O" Ok, I wasnt expecting it, But I felt joyous ^_^ ...So when he had to go at 4.30, I let him with no arguements. He came, I didnt fail, I was happy, So why not?

...So things are normal again! Yayness! ...And tommorrows Easter!! My favourite holiday =D I'm sooo excited! I get to eat chocolate again ^_^ And since Travis is coming (for who knows how long) I can dance! I'm gonna head off now. Theres a Gaia event waiting for me ;)

Apr. 5th, 2007

Love Me Much?

Yeah, Last day... No tops... But I was down in the mornin. The Jess thing plagued my mind. Her crazy words and Travis telling me to think about what I really want, Through me into much doubt. Rachel wasnt around, And the re-united walkers were slow.

Adam started mocking Travis for his first solid meal since the operation was sausages. I joined in, As it seemed funny. To my surprise, Travis got shitty! The rest of the morning, I gave him the cold shoulder. Even after my free and a Drama practise, My breif recess in seeing him, I merely handed my pissed off note (He insulted me by asking what DVD's I wanted for Easter) and disapeared to return to the class.

Our preformance (done infront of a few year 9's) sucked DX We totaly stuffed up at the end. But oh well. In Computers I just played Soulitaire and lunch continued giving Travis the cold shoulder, Calming a bit. The rest of the afternoon I was in my standard english teachers classroom with Adam, And eventually Travis. Clean up...

To the plaza! A train! Then everyone split up. I got some eggs for my pressies in Big W then Travis and I went to mine. I ignored him on the bus, Talked to him at home, But then as his time to go (4.30) drew nearer, Ignored him. When he went I barely agknowledged him as he desperately tried to get me to hug him.

Ten minutes of yelling, Silence... "Just go home" I said. He hugged me, And exited, I was surprised! I walked out. "Travis" I called. The boy was crying from guiltyness! That was coming from both of us! I made him stay, We watched The Simpsons and I barely went on with my mission... I'll try tommorrow ;) But yeah, He shared my dinner, Then went home with dad. His coming tommorrow. Let it be time God! To the horoscopes!! (Oh yeah, My legs really hurt! Its hard to sit DX ...Laterz)!

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